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When I decided to get serious about losing weight and getting healthy, I met with several trainers who were mostly useless for one reason or another. Some had no memory or continuity between sessions. Others clearly gave up on me before we even began. With Danny I finally found someone who has a positive attitude, attention to detail and in-depth knowledge.

I was in poor shape when I first started training with Danny. After a car accident two years ago I had been gaining weight and losing muscle during my slow recovery – compounding the weight I gained right out of college. Danny was frank, realistic and responsible – we knew this wouldn’t be easy but there wasn’t a question of whether it was possible. He advised me on a reasonable exercise regimen both with him and on my own. Then immediately we got to work assessing and improving my physical ability. In building each routine, the focus was always on form. He wasn’t just trying to make me work up a sweat – he was making sure that I was learning, being challenged and improving.

I’m ecstatic with my results. With Danny’s help, I’ve lost over 20 pounds and I’m on track to be in the best shape of my life. After trying several trainers, I recommend him above all others.

-Brandon M.


Alex Fitness

San Francisco Fog Rug Club

San Francisco Fog Rug Club

National Personal Training Institute

National Personal Training Institute

The National Personal Training Institute teaches comprehensive fitness courses designed to further your knowledge in areas such as body building, exercise physiology, weight management, weight training and personal training.

Equinox Fitness

Equinox Fitness

National Association of Sports Medicine

National Association of Sports Medicine

“NASM has been an unparalleled education provider to myself and my staff. The OPT model has helped us provide our athletes with the best possible training and corrective strategies to keep them on the court.”
Aaron Nelson, Head Athletic Trainer, Phoenix Suns

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